Zamberlan Kodiak mountain boots

Within its own production dedicated to hunting, Zamberlan is developing some footwear lines with specific features designed for various environments and the different ways enthusiasts make use of them.

Since hunting has the mountain as a natural setting and therefore the crossing of rough and uneven areas, Zamberlan produces boots that tend to sit high on the ankle and with considerable plantar support and torsional rigidity to ensure safety and comfort to the hunter.

Zamberlan Kodiak GTX hunting boots: details and special features

Among these specific models dedicated to mountain hunting we tried the Kodiak GTX, a boot that thanks to its design and its construction has proven capable of facilitating long hours of walking in different environments and conditions, particularly protecting ankles and part of the calves.

High hunting boots Zamberlan Kodiak
The ankle-high design of the Kodiak boots is suitable for mountain hunting where support and protection are necessary for ankles and feet.
Zamberlan Kodiak boots with internal membrane in Gore-Tex lining
The upper in Nabuk is soft and flexible while the internal membrane in Gore-Tex controls waterproof and breathability of the boots.
The rubber band of the Zamberlan Kodiak boots
The rubber band protects the entire sole of the foot from bumps and thorns.
Zamberlan Kodiak with Vibram soles
The Vibram soles are flexible and take advantage of the particular geometry of the design for both grip and self-cleaning action in muddy soils.

The upper in Nabuk is soft and of the right thickness to resist rain, snow and humidity thanks to the Hydrobloc treatment

With regard to the upper it must be stressed that in the front part closer to the toe it is one-piece, then turned up and more protective against not only water but also brambles.

The total waterproof and breathable control is guaranteed by a Gore-Tex membrane

The Vibram soles offer excellent grip on all terrains and a particularly appreciable flexibility during walking hunts even in the woods, where you are often forced to jump or overcome natural obstacles in the undergrowth to advance.

The particular design of the sole with lugs far from each other facilitates the self-cleaning action and the best traction of the boot in the mud.

A protective rubber band covers the entire perimeter of the boot, including the heel, another part of the foot subject to shocks and rubbings.

The Zamberlan Kodiak GTX boot is designed and manufactured entirely in Italy.

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