User Review of the Norma Hunting "Shell Holder" Packaging

Universal shell tray by Norma
The Norma shell holder usually fits cartridges by other brands such as RWS.

I have lost count of the number of expensive cartrigde pouches I have mislaid or lost. But that expensive habit may now be a thing of the past. A while ago I was given 20 rounds of remaindered Norma ammunition, which I worked my way through quite quickly on the simulator. But I did keep the packaging.

I think Norma has come up with a clever solution to keep cartridges: the manufacturer delivers a shell holder each time you buy ammo instead of a standard tray. This Norma holder may not be quite as good looking as a fancy leather pouch. But it does the same job and holds five rounds safely and firmly. Norma also advertises that the packaging can be used as a fire starter. I would be delighted to see similar solutions from RWS and co. 

Norma shell tray with 10 rounds
Two modules, each holding five rounds, are easily stuck together to make a Norma shell holder with 10 rounds.

The great thing about the shell holder by Norma is that it can be divided into modules with twenty, ten or five rounds. Simply break off a segment at the crease to create a holder with five rounds: that’s all it takes to make a small Norma shell holder. And anyone looking for a convenient way of transporting more ammunition when out hunting can simply stick two of the five- or ten-round holders together. I find them amazingly practical and far too good to discard. The shell holders are also a great little gift for friends using the same caliber.

The Editing Desk’s view on the Norma shell holder

Norma shell tray made of renewables
The Norma shell holder: not only are these handy inserts practical, they are also eco-friendly and are made to 50% of renewables.

Norma uses functional and eco-friendly inserts – modules that each hold five shells – to package its cartridges. Hunters can therefore remove as many modules as they need from the packaging and use them directly as shell holders. Five rounds are certainly enough in most hunting situations – and the Norma shell holder means that the ammunition is always right on hand when out in the field. It only takes a little pressure on the neck of the case to slide the shell smoothly out of the insert.

The shell holders by Norma are available in all hunting calibers offered by the manufacturer. They can also be combined easily with ammunition by other brands like RWS. But the ammunition needs to be in the same caliber. Not only are the inserts extremely practical, they are also eco-friendly. They are manufactured from renewables, and the wood fiber content is 50%. What’s more, the normal shell trays can be used as fire starters. A big thumbs up from us!

Explore the variety of rifle shells in different calibers by Norma for successful hunting trips.

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