Norma Oryx hunting bullet in .30-06

When choosing bullets to hunt big, tough game, bullet penetration plays a key role in ballistic terms if you want a fast and reliable kill. The bullet must be chosen with great care to make sure it has all the structural characteristics that will guarantee effective dynamic performance and also a deep wound, with the highest possible penetrating power to get through even the toughest muscle, skin and bone.

Research into hunting bullets over the years has revealed that the separation of the lead core from the copper or steel jacket has a negative effect on penetration.

Norma cartridges
Norma Oryx - the lead core is bonded to the jacket, greatly improving the dependability and penetrating power of the bullet.

There are two principle solutions to this problem:

1. designing a bullet with deep annular grooves that hold the jacket and core together, or

2. “core bonding” the lead core to the jacket.

The Norma Oryx is a core-bonded bullet, where the core is bonded to the jacket, and these bullets tend to mushroom more slowly, less violently and in a more regular way on impact.

This helps maintain the mass of the bullet for deeper wound channels.

A core-bonded bullet is especially effective on big game such as deer, antelope and big boar with a big chest and tough muscles and skin, where the bullet has to travel further to reach vital organs. Depending on the weight of the game Norma offers individual solutions with different bullet weights.

Available versions of the Norma Oryx bullet in caliber .30-06:

- bullet weight 10,7 g / 165 gr

- bullet weight 11,7 g / 180 gr

- bullet weight 13,0 g / 200 gr

On the Norma Website you'll find all available calibers for the Oryx hunting bullet. From .223 Rem. to 9,3 x 74 R. Here you'll also find all other variations of hunting bullets and calibers available from Norma.

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