User Review of the ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights

We’re slap-bang in the middle of the driven hunt season, so I’d like to introduce the sights that I use for this kind of outing. The ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights with 1.05× magnification and five brightness levels have been my trusty hunting companion for several years now. And I owe quite a bit of success to this useful piece of gear.

The quick target acquisition for fast-moving game – even in tight spaces or when the field of view is greatly reduced – is one of the aspects of the reflex sights that I appreciate more. It also allows the hunter to shoot with both eyes open and to adjust the brightness of the illuminated dot to suit personal preferences and the current environment. The result: a second and even third shot is easily possible if required.

Specs: the ZEISS Victory Compact Point Reflex Sights

The sights themselves are enclosed within a very slender aluminum bezel that covers almost none of the field of vision, literally blending into the surrounding components. The sights remain fully operational even in poor weather thanks to the LotuTec® coating that ZEISS uses for the lens. Raindrops simply roll off the surface.

Operation of the ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights is child’s play owing to the large front button. The button is used to adjust brightness and to switch the sights on and off. Although not oversized, it is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

In the initial period after purchasing the sights, I sometimes found myself wishing they had been fitted with a small rain guard to protect the lens. Why? The coating unfortunately stops working during heavy rain. But even this problem has since been solved. ZEISS now offers a matching guard – and if that’s not enough, the weather is simply too poor and I’m better off staying at home.

Some sights for driven hunts need to be removed to replace the battery. But not so for the ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights. If needs be, the battery in the top compartment can even be replaced on-the-fly during the driven hunt. It doesn’t even require tools – a cent coin or a similar implement is all it takes to open the battery lid.

A view through the reflex sights for rapid target acquisition
The large glass element on the ZEISS Victory Compact Point provides a clear and ideal view of the terrain. Intuitive target acquisition and rapid shot sequences do not present a challenge to these reflex sights.
Compact reflex sights by ZEISS
The ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights are operated using the large button on the front side. The function button is easy to reach and can even be operated when wearing gloves.

Specs and Performance

Reflex sights
ZEISS Victory Compact Point
Lens23 x 16 mm
Dot size
10 cm
Height adjustment range at 100 m5,8 m
Lateral adjustment range at 100 m4,7 m
Dimensions L × W × H58 mm x 27 mm x 36 mm
75 g (without mounting plate)
Battery/power supply2× lithium 3V type CR 1632

A hunter’s view on the ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights

Overall, I could hardly be more satisfied with my hunting companion. The reflex sights have helped me bag quite a few impressive trophies on driven hunts, even in tricky situations or if a second shot was necessary. I might not have been quite so fortunate with different sights. But there’s another thing I’d like to tell people who might be looking to buy the ZEISS Victory Compact Point: I’m a little older now, and my eyesight is deteriorating. These days I notice how the red dot in my sights gradually blurs into a ‘star’ over time. Occasionally I’ve heard hunters experiencing this issue complain about their equipment. I would like to be absolutely clear: the problem is my eyesight, and not the sights.

The ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights are available from specialist dealers at a recommended retail price of around €560 (including sales tax; February 16, 2017 pricelist). There are three options to mount the sights quickly and safely for driven hunts to ensure almost universal compatibility with virtually any weapon: practically everything goes, from a bolt action rifle to a double barreled shotgun.

Reflex sights for driven hunts. A view of the ground in the forest
The ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights have many different mounting options, and their easy operability is truly eye-catching. It is not necessary to remove the sights to replace the batteries, as the compartment is located on the top – absolutely convenient handling for driven hunts.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information about the ZEISS Victory Compact Point reflex sights.

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