Video: Lapwing hunting

In the heart of autumn, as the pre-dawn mist drifts over the plains, hunters rush to prepare their hides before the lapwing arrive with the first light of day. In the wide-open fields where these game birds like to gather, a temporary hide has been set up to conceal the waiting hunters without arousing too much suspicion, while out on the plain, the decoys do their job of attracting the lapwing.

Lapwings are highly sociable birds. As winter approaches, they make their way from Eastern Europe, heading south or south-east to spend the winter in North Africa. They are extremely reliable weather forecasters as their arrival almost always marks the start of an intensely cold spell. The Po Valley is a favourite stop-off point for lapwing on their long winter migration, tending to congregate in wild or farmed meadows, as well as freshly ploughed fields that are ideal for foraging.

Many a hunter is deceived by the apparently slow flight of these birds, having to wait until the very last moment of the lapwing's long and meticulous approach before taking a shot. The hunt becomes considerably more difficult after the first few shots, but experienced, patient and camouflaged lapwing hunters know that they hold the winning hand. Watch the lapwing hunting video presented by Lugari Video, which features experienced and specialist Po Valley hunters waiting for the opportune moment to strike and getting their just reward.

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