New products at RWS HUB: Hunting Blogger Event before IWA 2018

One day before the official start of the big trade fair IWA OutdoorClassics 2018, RWS invited to a special event on March 8, 2018: the RWS HUB. Hunting bloggers had the unique opportunity to see, touch and test a lot of new hunting products already before the fair.

Well-known brands at the RWS HUB

Many well-known brands have shown their new products to a selected audience at the RWS HUB. Guests could put their hands on the new products from the following brands: 

Presentation at RWS HUB day
At the RWS HUB Day novelties were presented to the bloggers.
  • Norma Ammunition
  • Kahles
  • Merkel
  • Hausken
  • RÖWA (Rössler)
  • RWS

The approximately 20 participants sat together in a relaxed atmosphere and shared their experiences. The invited bloggers came from 7 different countries. Representatives of the brands briefly presented their novelties and gave bloggers and influencers plenty of time to get an idea of the products themselves. At two shooting ranges, the guests could even try everything out by themselves. And all this one day before the public product presentation at the IWA 2018.

Of course we could not miss such an event. We from were on site and want to show you the novelties of the famous brands already.

RWS Hub day shooting
The bloggers were allowed to test all the novelties themselves at the RWS HUB Day.

New Products at the RWS HUB Day

In total, 6 brands presented their new products, which will also be presented at the IWA 2018. We were able to test new weapons with riflescopes and ammunition with accessories on the RWS Hub Day on the shooting range.

New Ammunition of RWS at HUB Day

Package of new RWS .308 Win. SHORT RIFLE.
The new RWS .308 Win. SHORT Rifle hunting ammunition.

The organizer of the event showed not only caliber extensions of existing types of ammunition, but also a new hunting ammunition. The RWS Short Rifle is specifically designed and developed for rifles with short barrels. Because these rifles are becoming increasingly popular among hunters.

Especially with the increasing use of silencers, the weapons producers are launching bolt action rifles with short barrels. With the short barrel ammunition shots should be possible without a lack of performance.

The new RWS Short Rifle is currently available in caliber .308 Win. with two different types of bullets: the lead-free deformation bullet HIT or as a lead-based alternative with the partial fragmentation bullet Speed Tip Professional.

New hunting rifle from Merkel at the RWS HUB Day

At the RWS HUB Day Merkel proudly showed a further development of the popular bolt action rifle Helix: the Merkel Helix Speedster. The proven Merkel Helix system rests on the Speedster in an open stock made of polymer with height-adjustable cheek piece. it has an opening at the top of the thumb hole. Thus, the action is much faster possible.

Merkel Helix Speedster rifle
The brand new Merkel Helix Speedster with open shaft.

New rifle scope from KAHLES at the RWS HUB Day

Kahles K525i riflescope
The new Kahles K525i riflescope for long distances.

The Austrian rifle scope pioneer KAHLES presented itself with a new face: KAHLES has revised its brand appearance and comes in peppy orange with a new logo. In addition, the optics manufacturer had the new rifle scope K525i 5-25x56i for long distances at the RWS event. The rifle scope with 5x zoom is particularly well suited as a tactical aiming aid for long-range shooters. The reticle is in the 1st image plane and the riflescope shows a high precision with a great repeatability.

Norma ammunition at the RWS HUB Day

Norma Tipstrike ammunition
Norma TIPSTRIKE hunting ammunition.

The swedish manufacturer norma showed the proven hunting ammunition TIPSTRIKE at the RWS HUB Day. The hunting bullet with polymer tip has a great stopping effect on game thanks to its rapid deformation. Norma extends the TIPSTRIKE with 7 mm bullets. The lead-free alternative is the norma ECOSTRIKE.

RÖWA: bolt action rifle by Rössler at the RWS HUB Day

Rössler Waffen (Rössler Arms) from Austria showed their extensive configurator for the Rössler Titan 6 bolt action rifle at the RWS HUB Day. Many different and diverse configurations of bolt action rifles are possible. Stocks made of fine wood, polymer stocks in different colors or laminated stocks, different barrels and even colored coatings of the barrels are possible here. Brand new in the program is the Rössler Titan 6 in caliber 6.5 Creedmoor. The caliber is becoming increasingly popular, especially for long distances.

Shooting at RWS HUB day
The bloggers were able to shoot the Rössler Titan 6 in 6.5 Creedmoor on RWS HUB Day.

Hausken silencer Jakt XTRM MK II at the RWS HUB Day

Hausken XTRM MK 2 silencer
Hausken showed the XTRM MK 2 silencers.

The Norwegian manufacturer Hausken presented on the HUB Day the further development of their large-caliber Jakt XTRM silencer series. The Hausken XTRM MK 2 have larger inside chambers to reduce the noise even further. In addition, the new silencer is even lighter.

RWS Shooting Day 2018

RWS broke its traditions in 2018: the RWS Shooting Day (former IWA Shooting Day) will not take place this year. 

RWS is absolutely up to date with the smaller RWS HUB event. The approximately 20 invited guests from social media should inform their fans and followers on their digital channels. We are very much looking forward to the event before the IWA 2018.

All information about the big trade fair IWA OutdoorClassics 2018 can be found here in our section: IWA 2018.

RWS HUB Hunting Blogger Event
Brands presented their new products before the fair at the RWS HUB Day.

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