Video: Selective summer roe deer hunting

In most European countries, the summer is synonymous with male roe deer hunting. Use of hunting calls, where permitted, is one of the most common techniques used, but this requires significant preparation by the hunter. 

It is certainly a bold strategy, as using it incorrectly can have the opposite effect, alerting the roe deer to your presence and causing them to flee. Young male roe deer are particularly responsive to hunting calls during the mating season. Although hunting during the mating season can often have repercussions on an entire species, the uniqueness of the roe deer’s reproductive pattern means that no effects are felt beyond the culled male.

Rather than hunting in its truest sense, in Italy, it is more accurate to talk about species management. The task of monitoring and identifying surplus roe deer falls to the selective hunting controllers, based on the quantitative and qualitative assessment of regional wildlife, in compliance with the management plan. Summer is the season in which these highly territorial animals are most active, abandoning the cover of green and lush woods in search of grazing pastures. 

Every detail must be carefully observed to ensure the roe deer being pursued is the one identified by the selective hunting controller, only taking the decisive shot once you are absolutely certain. 

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