Video: hunting turtle doves

In the last days of August, hunters search the countryside around the sunflower fields with a mix of feverish expectation and dismay in the fear of having missed the last turtle doves of their great autumn migration. Carefully reconnoitring the land to be in exactly the right spot is essential if you want to have any chance of success. If everything goes according to plan, the show will start with the first light of dawn, when the turtle doves flock to the fields, gliding over the vegetation. 

Intense and seemingly eternal moments, with your mind drifting off to savour those memories of another summer that is almost gone on the wings of a dove, taking the colours away over the horizon where all things are lost to the eye of the hunter, until one day they finally return.

A temporary hide, without making changes to the environment and alarming the game, a handful of high velocity cartridges, a gun with a decent length of barrel with effective chokes; and infinite patience as you wait. 

And after the first morning phase, when it almost seems you might be wasting your time, a bird will surprise you just as you were about to pack up your things and go. Mid-morning the turtle doves hide in the lush vegetation that grows on the banks of water courses. They are impossible to see, but you will probably hear them fluttering about.

A pack of 25 Baschieri & Pellagri Mygra Tortora (turtle dove) cartridges.
The Baschieri & Pellagri Mygra line includes a 12-gauge cartridge for hunting turtle doves.
Benelli Raffaello Power Bore 12
A semiautomatic shotgun is one of the most popular choices for hunting turtle doves as it gives you the chance to get off another shot, making your second round more precise and comfortable.

Then the challenge is on again in the afternoon as the sun goes down and the turtle doves fly back to the woods for the night. It is a fine way to conclude the opening of the turtle dove season, the same as ever yet somehow different. While you are waiting to experience it for yourself in a few days' time, here is the first day of the season caught on tape with the Lugari video camera, available in the full version with fond memories and adventures thanks to the Lugari Pocket app that you can download to your device, to never miss out on a hunt. Enjoy the film.

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