Benelli Argo E Compact Black rifle

The continued expansion of a vast range of semiautomatic rifles now also includes Benelli. After the battue version, the Argo E rifle now has a new compact model in black. Italian gun shops have recently seen the arrival of the Argo E Compact black. Aesthetically speaking, its main feature is the same black colour as the Argo E Comfortech black, but this compact “younger sibling” has a different barrel size (47 cm) and different equipment. 

Benelli Argo E Compact Black for driven shoots

The Benelli Argo E Compact Black, made for those who prefer driven shoots, is a rifle dedicated to quick manoeuvres in dense woodland and to instinctive shooting.

For users who would rather not have “bold bright colours” and like the normal sling swivel with rapid release, Benelli now offers the Argo E Black, a short-barrel version (47 cm, like the E Battue) of the Argo E Comfortech Black (51 cm barrel) chambered in .30/06 and .308 Winchester calibers. 

The Argo E Compact Black features a Comfort stock, which serves first and foremost to reduce recoil and muzzle climb.

Fitted with interchangeable combs for a gentler contact between the shooter’s cheek and the top of the stock, reducing the vibrations that are transmitted to the jaw (and reducing the risk of deafness too) and with the replacement combs (high and low), it is possible to change the height of the the stock to suit user preferences and the height of the sights being used. 

This enhances accuracy and the natural position of the shooter's head when firing. It is also possible to adjust the drop and the length of the butt stock, intervening on the length of pull (stock-trigger distance). 

Benelli Argo E Compact Black, shown from right side.
The Comfort stock, as well as reducing the negative effects of recoil and muzzle climb, makes shouldering quicker and more precise at the moment of firing.

Rifle characteristics -  Benelli Argo E Compact Black

The anatomic Air Cell recoil pad is also quickly interchangeable without the need for special tools. The rifle fits a short pad, but medium and long versions can be purchased separately. The Air Cell recoil pad is anatomical and available for both left- and right-handed users.

The rifle comes with a kit to vary the drop at comb and heel and if we consider that the crossbolt safety is reversible, we can see how the Argo E Compact Black can also be used easily by left-handed shooters with no problem other than ejection to the right.

The Air Cell interchangeable polyurethane recoil pads deform in a controlled manner under stress, meaning that they absorb part of the recoil energy and increase the contact surface with the shoulder. 

The rifle has been designed to be quick to shoulder and aim, making instinctive firing easier. 

Sight on the Benelli Argo E Compact Black rifle
The 18.5" / 47 cm barrel has been designed for instinctive firing and for quick shouldering in woodland. The sight is red optic fibre.

The “semispherical” Air Touch checkering contributes to the stability and accuracy of the rifle, increasing the grip and making it easier to realign the hand, which reduces sweating thanks to the movement of air between the skin and the polymer surface. 

The sights on the Black are the same as for the other Argo Endurance models, the red optic fibre sight together with a battue rib with green optic fibre inserts. The rear sights are factory set, but the front sight is adjustable. 

This means that the rifle can be fitted with red dot, holographic, reflex or battue sights. Argo E Compact Black weighs 3.35 kg and has a total length of 40.1-in / 102 cm with a 18.5-in / 47 cm barrel. 

Rib on the Benelli Argo E Compact Black rifle
The battue rib with optic fibre inserts and front sight is the sight system on the Argo E Compact Black, but on the back of the breech block there are three sets of threaded holes to fit the picatinny rail provided by Benelli as an optional extra, to fit the rifle with red dot and battue sights.

The trigger unit is designed to provide maximum safety, reliability and top performance over hunting ground: no light trigger weights (trigger weight is between N19 and N24, i.e. between 4.2 lbs / 1.94 and 5.2 lbs / 2.4 kg), a comfy and easily accessible trigger with a fast return and a shorter-than-usual cocking stroke for this type of weapon.

Argo E Compact Black is a rifle that is extremely compact and easy to handle, designed to provide the utmost ease of use during driven shoots. A unique performance in a compact weapon that is synonymous with ergonomic comfort.

For more information on the Argo E Compact Black rifle, visit the Benelli website.

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