Hunting with the Benelli 828U Black over/under

The original version and the technological innovations of the Benelli 828U over/under are well known. 

This gun has been a huge success. It’s designed to give a hunter the greatest comfort and results for walked-up game shooting, and guarantee the best ballistic performance with the most popular loads used for this type of hunting. We’d already got a taste of the interesting features on the original silver version, with its Ergal 55 silver-colored, finely engraved receiver, and this time we took the more modern Black version hunting. 

The light weight and elegance of the lines in this case are emphasized by the contrasting matt and gloss black of the receiver, giving the gun a really unique look. 

Hunting with the Benelli 828U Black

Hunter takes a shot with the Benelli 828U Black 
Whether taking short range shots with the 828U Black or trying more challenging ranges, the gun effectively brought the game down without ever ruining it, as the shot pattern is distributed perfectly by the Crio Power Bore barrels.

In the mountains of the Fiordimonte Valley we really appreciated how easy it was to both carry and swing the gun. 

While hunting a variety of game, the perfect reaction of the gun when firing both light and heavier loads was obvious as we came across quail, pheasant and partridge. 

Using 32 - 36/38-gram ammo, the 828U Black over/under proved to be perfectly stable with all the precision necessary in a shotgun used for point shooting as the game takes flight after being pointed by the dogs. 

The Progressive Comfort recoil dampening system has once again proven to be effective and Benelli have adapted the system to the over/under. 

The gun came in its case as requested, already fitted with 65-cm barrels, with a set of internal cryogenic 7-cm chokes.  To suit the features of the terrain in which I was hunting, I used 4 and 3 stars, respectively, for my first and second barrels. 

Benelli 828U Black: shooting the gun

Hunter with Benelli 828U Black shotgun and hound
The Benelli 828U Black over/under shotgun was ideal for hunting with pointers. It’s light and precise for point shooting.

I didn’t have to use any of the 40 drop and cast adjustment shims Benelli supplies with the gun to make it flow naturally and easily with the shooter’s movements. 

The first trial swing with the 828U over/under left me with the impression that the gun was perfect for my line of sight. 

This first impression proved to be spot on in the field, and with every shot I felt like I was shooting a gun I’m used to rather than one I was testing. 

At one point a hen-pheasant ran, getting the better of a young Irish setter, which gave me the chance to test the effectiveness of the cryogenic barrels, bringing the bird down at a range of over 35 meters, when the game seemed all but lost.

Another bird, a quail the dogs had pointed, surprised us by taking flight behind us after we’d passed, but a point shot where I thought the bird would go brought it down. Now we’ll let the pictures do the talking and convey the pleasure of a fine day’s hunting with the Benelli 828U Black over/under. Enjoy!

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