Benelli Beccaccia Supreme, semiautomatic in 20 ga magnum

Woodcock hunting necessarily requires a fast-swinging shotgun, handy and stable on the target in the often fast follow-up shots in the woods. 

Benelli Beccaccia Supreme in 20 gauge Magnum: details and innovations

Benelli Beccaccia Supreme: the black anodized Ergal 55 light alloy receiver is embellished by an engraved woodcock.

After the first Beccaccia semi-automatic  followed by the Beccaccia Supreme, the Benelli innovation continues and now comes the 20-gauge Beccaccia Supreme, which is aesthetically different from the predecessor in the new receiver decoration, wood, checkering, fore-end design, cap, recoil pad. The receiver is still black anodized Ergal 55 light alloy, decorated with a woodcock engraving, a bird also reproduced in the particular pistol grip red cap. Of course, Benelli action is the same, based on the typical Inertia (recoil) driven operating system. The walnut stock with Wood-Fx treatment features laser-enriched grain and thanks to the treatments it undergoes it is more stable and less sensitive to humidity variations. It is matte varnished and with a fine 1.5 mm pitch checkering. The new design of the fore-end helps to counteract muzzle flip even better and realign the gun sights more quickly.

Featuring an internal structure with atmospheric chambers, the polyurethane recoil pads of the Beccaccia Supreme are lighter than traditional recoil pads and guarantee a better recoil absorption, reduced deformation during firing and a softer energy dissipation. The gun is shipped with two pads, Small and Medium: the mounted pad is the Small version bringing the stock length to 350 mm, while the Medium one gets to 360 mm. The stock features the cant and drop adjusting system present on all Benelli semi-automatic hunting shotguns. The Beccaccia Supreme 20 is offered with a 24"/ 61 cm barrel equipped with interchangeable carbon fiber rib and red fiber optic sight

The Beccaccia Supreme 20 with 76 mm magnum chamber is a gun designed for woodcock hunting, but it obviously lends itself to stalking with pointing dogs in general; for this reason, Benelli offers the possibility of optional chokes in addition to the ones supplied, besides different recoil pads. Above all, the company chose to slightly increase the gun weight using a different wood compared to the Beccaccia 20 model, remaining around 88.2 oz / 2.5 kg so that the shotgun is still handy but also stable when shooting 24 to 36 grams payloads. The barrels of the Beccaccia Supreme 20 are equipped with three 7-cm Criochoke interchangeable chokes ranging from ***, **** and ***** plus the Ampliator, a spreader with a dispersing effect that makes it possible to use cartridges with a cup for instinctive shots at close ranges. This choke is internal but has an outer 0.8"/ 2 cm section that brings the overall length to 3.5"/ 9 cm for a longer rifled section that gives broader but more densely packed shot patterns. 

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