Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Gold 20-gauge over/under shotgun

The Caesar Guerini Ellipse over/under are shotguns designed with a streamlined and captivating line and an attention to detail that, behind a particularly pretty appearance, hides a solid and reliable gun intended above all for hunters who love walked-up game shooting with their dogs, benefiting from all the advantages in terms of aiming you get from a classic break-action shotgun. 

The Ellipse Curve Gold 20-gauge is the latest and most sought-after version of this over/under, ideal for walked-up game shooting and point shooting as its light weight makes it fast and easy to shoulder and aim.

With 76 mm chambers, this shotgun can take cartridges ranging from 24 grams up to Magnum 38/40 gram loads, making it highly effective when hunting a variety of game in different environments.

The underside of the action on the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Gold over/under
The Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Gold 20-gauge over/under meets the requirements of hunters who want a gun of evident class that’s both light and effective on the hunt.

The Ellipse Curve takes its name from the sinuous lines of the round body action milled by Caesar Guerini from a solid forged block, without having to cut the material, guaranteeing the gun is both solid and strong. 

The fine hand-cut engraving characterises the appearance of this shotgun as something immediately recognisable with its gold floral motifs and female figure on the underside of the action rich in detail and hailing to classic art. 

There are no screws on the metal parts and the woods are jointed meaning there’s no play, leaving more space for the elegant engraving. 

The selector on the Ellipse Curve Gold
The Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Gold 20-gauge has a single selective trigger, with the selector built into the safety.

The single selective trigger system, with the selector located in the classic position at the end of the action with the safety, make it fast and intuitive to use. 

The gold-plated trigger is fast and precise to use, making it easier to keep your second shot on target.

The wide, engraved trigger guard is practical also for winter use when wearing gloves. The firing pins are spring-loaded on spiral, preloaded, constant-effect springs and have a double sear, so if the first is accidentally damaged you know you can still trust your gun to fire every time. 

This construction means the firing pins never protrude from the face of the action after firing, meaning the components of the gun will last longer and always open smoothly on the hunt. The automatic ejectors on the Ellipse Curve Gold over/under are fitted with cams milled out of solid block.

The woods used on the Ellipse Curve Gold are oil-finished European walnut
A light and well-balanced shotgun, the Ellipse Curve Gold over/under is excellent for walked-up game shooting.

66, 71 and 76 cm Caesar Guerini chromium molybdenum steel barrels can be fitted to this over/under, making it suitable for point shooting at short to medium ranges, and for hunting from a hide with 71 and 76 cm barrels where shots will be taken from longer ranges. All barrels are homologated for special alloy shot. 

Caesar Guerini can also supply hunters with a set of five internal, interchangeable Selectachokes. 

The two ribs, the top one of which is conical and the side one a full rib, give the gun just the right balance and greater stability when aiming and getting off a second shot, distributing the weight of the front part of the gun in a uniform way. 

Presentation of the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Gold 20-gauge over/under shotgun
Presented for the first time at the IWA 2016 trade fair, the Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Gold over/under is the most elegant version of the Ellipse range.

The woods used for the stock and forend on the Ellipse Curve Gold over/under are also worthy of note, made of select oil-finished European walnut with the special Caesar Guerini Invisalloy finish, bringing out the beautiful natural characteristics of the wood and offering long-term protection, with a shine that makes the hunter more visible in the woods. The fine chequering is hand-cut to guarantee the best grip and stability when aiming. 

The Prince of Wales stock matches the rounded lines of the forend and ends in a butt plate made of the same chequered wood, as demanded by tradition on the finest shotguns. The Caesar Guerini Ellipse Curve Gold with 71 cm barrels weighs 2.8 kg, which is perfectly in line with other 20-gauge guns of reference.

For more information, please visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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