Caesar Guerini Magnus Light over-under for walked-up hunting

Before using it and taking it directly in the woods, let’s take a look at the Cesar Guerini Magnus Light over-under, manufactured by the company to meet the needs and the most refined aesthetic tastes of hunters who practice walked-up hunting. The days spent walking behind the dogs will see this shotgun playing a leading role with its light alloy construction specifically conceived not to tire the hunter and to be always ready for instinctive shots. In 12 gauge the shotgun weighs only 95.2 oz/2.7 kg without giving up sturdiness. The Ergal frame is 1.7”/43 mm wide and 2.6”/66 mm long, its sides are thick and the hinge pins are steel and interchangeable. The weight decreases even more in relation to the gauge, because the Magnus Light is also available in the smaller 20 and 28 gauges and .410 bore.

Caesar Guerini Magnus Light: details and main features

The typical Caesar Guerini aesthetic elegance can be found in the long side plates, finely engraved with wild game in gold inlaid and perfectly inserted in the Prince of Wales wood stock without any screws. The precision and harmony of the design can be easily deduced from this detail. Two woodcocks in flight embellish the left side of the frame, while on the right side the Giovannelli workshop in Brescia depicted two pheasants. The final Invisalloy treatment by Caesar Guerini not only protects the metal parts, but also enhances them and maintains their shine and color contrasts over time. The wood used for the stock and thin Schnabel-type forend are select extra de luxe, oil-finished walnut with fine-pitch hand-checkering. The trigger guard that protects the golden single trigger is wide - a double trigger version is also available upon hunter’s request. The case ejectors are automatic and selective, operated by cams machined from solid steel blocks for a positive and punctual ejection.  

Full view of the Caesar Guerini Magnus Light over-under
Caesar Guerini Magnus Light: the barrels in different lengths and with interchangeable chokes (supplied) make this over-under shotgun suitable for different types of hunting.

Waiting for confirmation when hunting, the Caesar Guerini Magnus Light barrels suggest an optimal ballistic performance thanks to the "Maxisbore" technology and a new connection cone between chamber and bore called "Duecon" that allows the pellets to reach a higher speed with minimum misshaping, ensuring a precise pattern and a significant reduction in felt recoil. In the 20 gauge gun that will be used in our test we opted for the minimum length of 24”/61 cm, suitable for hunting in the woods, with the first barrel partially rifled to optimize shots at short ranges. For those who wish to use the gun in different environments and types of hunting, Caesar Guerini also provides 26”/66 cm and 28”/71 cm barrels for the Magnus Light. The shotgun always comes with a set of five internal and interchangeable 2.3” / 60 mm long chokes – */ **/ ***/**** and ***** cylinder respectively. The appointment is scheduled for November: we will meet up with the Magnus Light in the woods and mountains with the hope of seeing the hunting scenes masterfully engraved on the long sides materialize... Stay tuned. 

For more information about the Magnus Light over under please visit Caesar Guerini website.

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