Video: Caesar Guerini Magnus Light over and under shotgun at the shooting range

Summer is the ideal time to try out rifles that allow you to hunt in the best possible way. 

All you have to do is test all the technical features, reliability and comfort at the shooting range, as they will all be essential on real hunting grounds. 

Caesar Guerini Magnus Light shooting test

Caesar Guerini Magnus Light ejection shells
The shells are ejected in a clear and precise way thanks to cams that are machined directly from solid material.

In this regard, the shotgun that this time we decided to test at Lonato del Garda range  gave excellent final results: it was the over and under designed by Caesar Guerini company for hunting with dogs and that is characterised by lightness and wieldiness, the Magnus Light model. 

Before examining its technical and mechanical features we must dwell on the extreme elegance and aesthetic refinement of this weapon. 

Assembled with the long side cover plates directly embedded in the wood without the use of screws, it has images of wildlife engraved on both sides for those who hunt with dogs, two woodcocks on the left side and two pheasants on the right, all in gold and created by the masters of the Bottega Giovannelli of Brescia.

Technical specs of the Magnus Light hunting shotgun

Detail of the Magnus Light over and under shotgun by Caesar Guerini
The Magnus Light over and under shotgun is elegant and light, for hunters who love classic hunts with hunting dogs.

The luxurious oil-finished walnut wood completes this extremely elegant rifle. 

The Prince of Wales stock perfectly matches the slender and manageable goose-bill forearm in which the small-step checkers are hand-made. 

Thanks to the use of the Ergal light alloy, the rifle action is durable and light. 

The 12 calibre rifle weighs only 2.7 kg with a 43 mm receiver width and a length of 66 cm, the walls are thick and the hinge pins are made of steel and are interchangeable. 

The Magnus Light over and under shotgun obviously is lighter in other smaller calibers it is also produced in, such as the 20, 28 and 410 caliber. The trigger system is a golden inertial single trigger. The double trigger is available upon request. 

The ricochet hammers are driven by pre-loaded and constant spiral springs that never protrude from the barrel after the shot, giving the rifle greater resistance and durability. The extractors are automatic and have cams machined directly from solid metal,  therefore they can ensure a powerful and precise shell ejection. 

Shooter with Caesar Guerini Magnus Light shotgun
Thanks to the special geometry of the barrels developed by Caesar Guerini, the Magnus Light shot groups are faster, well-distributed and with less recoil when tested on the field, also by the women of the all4hunters team.

Besides protecting the metal parts from external agents, Caesar Guerini's Invisalloy final finish also enhances them and maintains their shine and chromatic contrasts over time. 

The available barrel lengths will change how the Magnus Light performs. 

As the rifle is most suited to those who hunt with dogs and take instinctive shots, the first available length is 61 cm, ideal for powerful shots, which are helpful for pointing breeds. 

Then there is the intermediate 66 cm length and lastly 71 cm. 

The over and under shotgun comes with a set of five internal and interchangeable choke tubes of 60 mm respectively * / ** / *** / **** and cyl *****. 

The application of Caesar Guerini's engineering to the barrels is two-fold: the new geometry of the bore called "Maxisbore", and a new barrel cone between the chamber and bore called "Duecon" allow the shots to gain a higher speed with minimal deformation, ensuring optimal dispersion and a significant reduction in recoil.

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