Caesar Guerini hunting over-and-under shotguns: Magnus Limited and Tempio Syren

It was the hills and the highlands of Fiordimonte, Italy, with their partridges to welcome us and allow us to spend a pleasant day testing on the field two over-and-under shotguns that Caesar Guerini dedicated to hunters and huntresses.

Designed for hunters who love hunting with pointer dogs, I had the opportunity to test the reliability of the Magnus Limited model, a name that clearly indicates the attention paid by the company to aesthetics with an unmistakable style.

For the occasion, we also tested the Tempio over-and-under in the Syren version dedicated to lady hunters. It was Chiara, a passionate young woman, who gave us her impressions. These proved to be extremely positive and were confirmed by objective results. As usual, images will tell about our test day. Now let's get to know in detail the two shotguns in question.

Caesar Guerini Magnus Limited over-and-under shotgun: features

Hunter shooting with the Caesar Guerini Magnus Limited over-and-under
The Caesar Guerini Magnus Limited over-and-under, perfectly recognizable thanks to its blued and finely engraved action, proved to be a solid and balanced shotgun in the field.

The Magnus Limited over-and-under is manufactured by Caesar Guerini in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore.

The first feature that stands out in the eyes of the hunter is the action with the elegance of its lines and its details, with long side plates and a raised profile.

On the blued surface, wild game is shown in finely engraved gold inlays: two pheasants in flight on one side and two woodcocks on the other side.

The side plates perfectly fit into the stock, enhancing the aesthetics of the rifle.

The wild game scenes are finished by hand by Bottega Giovanelli and suggest the ideal destination of this shotgun, that is hunting with pointer dogs, also considering its weight which is ideal for walking hunts – 3 kg for the 12 gauge, 2.6 kg for smaller gauges.

The precise mechanical parts machined from forged steel blocks are produced by numerical control machine tools. The trigger unit is single-selective, with a golden trigger and a long guard.

Hunter and lady hunter with Caesar Guerini Magnus Limited and Tempio Syren shotguns
Caesar Guerini Magnus Limited and Tempio Syren 20 ga. over-and-unders in action on the field with pointer dogs.

The different barrel lengths, always equipped with a set of internal and interchangeable chokes, offer the opportunity to use the shotgun in different hunting situations.

These start from 61 cm for hunting in the woods, through a 66 cm option for more generic uses and two options, 71 and 76 cm, for long shots and stalking hunts.

The internal barrel geometry is Caesar Guerini's Maxisbore with the "Duecon" forcing cone   to allow for a higher speed of the swarm of pellets and to minimize deformation, ensuring an optimal tight pattern and a considerable recoil reduction. The Magnus Limited furniture is de luxe-grade, oil-finished select Turkish walnut. The Prince of Wales stock and the slim Schnabel forend have a hand-made checkering with a particularly gripping design.

Caesar Guerini Tempio Syren, an over-and-under shotgun for ladies

Stock of the hunting shotgun Caesar Guerini Tempio Syren 
The Monte Carlo stock is typical of the Syren line and has been revised in size and weight to facilitate aiming and reduce recoil for lady hunters.

The Syren project has been launched with great success for some years now and shows the great attention paid by Caesar Guerini and Fabarm in offering a range of shotguns with which lady hunters and shooters felt perfectly at ease on the field, not having to adapt to a generic shotgun.

The line features over-and-under and semi-automatic shotguns designed with a particular emphasis on weight, reduction of recoil, size and aesthetics.

Almost all the dimensions of the shotguns from this line differ from the traditional male models. This also applies to the famous Tempio model we received for the field test.

We see smaller pistol grips and Monte Carlo-style stocks that, in addition to getting closer to female anatomy, also favor instinctive aiming.

Our shooting impressions

Lady hunter shooting with the Caesar Guerini Tempio Syren 
In the Syren shotguns particular attention has been paid also to grips that allow an agile and precise swinging to lady hunters and shooters.

In conclusion these are light and handy, but balanced shotguns, thanks to a careful weight distribution that can substantially reduce the negative effects of recoil.

The dedicated technology has been combined with aesthetics as a real tribute to lady hunters' and shooters' womanhood.

The floral engravings in gold on the action sides and the elegant bouquet of roses at the base of the grip.

The Tempio Syren over-and-under is available in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore.

Also in this case the choice of barrels with different lengths – 61, 66, 71, or 76 cm – makes it possible to devote to different types of hunting. The selected walnut furniture is oil-finished and coated with Caesar Guerini's Invisalloy, that protects and enhances quality and shine over time.

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