Crispi Sport

Crispi Sport was founded in 1975 by Alessandro Marcolin, initially as a small workshop for the production of mountain shoes. Crispi Sport's headquarters are located in Maser, in the province of Treviso, Italy, a very important footwear production center.
Right from the start the vision of its founder pushed the brand beyond national borders and already in 1979 Crispi Sport shoes were distributed in Germany, France and Switzerland.  
In 1981 Crispi Sport took part for the first time in the Dusseldorf footwear fair, while the following year the company made its debut at Ispo, in Munich, the largest international fair for sports goods. The number of employees increased and production facilities were expanded as a result. In 1997 Crispi Sport was the first company in the Veneto region to achieve the ISO 9002 certificate, which attests and guarantees quality in production and marketing. In 2000 it achieved the ISO 9001 certification for design, thus guaranteeing the absolute quality of its products.
Over the years the company has grown both in terms of personnel and importance on foreign markets, and today is a solid commercial reality, an expression of the "Made in Italy" that is rightly famous throughout the world.

Crispi Sport, footwear specialists for sports specialists

Crispi today caters for a market of specialists, because it's a company focused on producing niche items, where technology and know-how acquired over the years is a constant value.
Hence, the diverse ranges such as A.T.F. (Alpine Touring Freeride), Telemark, of which Crispi is the world champion, Paragliding, where a patented system ensures maximum ankle protection during the landing phase, Country Spirit, hunting shoes born of the study of specific materials such as A.B.S.S. (Ankle Bone Support System), D.T.L. (Dual Tech Lining), C.S.F. (Crispi Skeleton Frame), the Black Quality segment, which supplies special forces from different countries of the world, Safety and Outdoor, where the experience and technology gained in all these areas becomes available to all mountains and outdoor life lovers.
Crispi goes beyond the concept of generic hunting shoes and offers some models specifically designed for specific hunting situations, such as the Valdres GTX boot dedicated to those who practice walked-up hunting, or the Highland Pro model, completely impermeable to water and dedicated to waterfowl hunters. Also worth mentioning are the Lapponia GTX EVO boots belonging to the Fast & Light line, suitable for hunting in the plains, hills and midmountains, and the Highland Mid, featuring a protective thermo-sealed gaiter with double waterproof lining and water-repellent leather and Cordura upper for optimum comfort.
Lovers of more traditional lines will find the Nevada GTX model, that behind a classic look hides a concentration of technological solutions, and is particularly suitable for the most demanding hunters – those who, for example, walk for days in environments ranging from hilly areas to midmountain in search of wild game.
Third millennium Crispi footwear is developed with the help and advice from the best testers from around the world and in close contact with leading specialists.

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