F.A.I.R. - Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini

Based in the ancient and traditional gun-making region of Val Trompia. Italy, the Fabbrica Armi Isidoro Rizzini – or F.A.I.R. for short – was established in 1971 specializing in the manufacture of sports and hunting shotguns. Since then, the company has become one of the most important Italian over-and-under manufacturers. Attention to detail and finishes, functionality and reliability are the characteristics that F.A.I.R. has always sought to guarantee to hunters and shooters who want a quality weapon at the right price, without giving up careful aesthetics.

F.A.I.R.: innovation, research and development

F.A.I.R. guns are designed and developed following extensive research and development, and using the latest state-of-the-art mechanical and technical innovation production processes. Focus on technical innovation is in fact one of the key elements of F.A.I.R.'s success: in the production facility in Marcheno, Italy, the company's Design Department uses advanced CAD/CAM systems to develop products and new technologies, while manufacturing processes performed by advanced CNC machine tools ensure full compliance with design specifications. In any case, all parts are always hand-finished, adjusted and set up by skilled craftsmen, regardless of the product price level or target market. All F.A.I.R. shotguns are fitted with quality wood parts, matched and assembled to action bodies by careful embedding. Highly-flexible production lines enable manufacturing of rifle-barreled guns – Expresses, Combis and Kipplaufs – alongside the more traditional smooth-bore models. 

F.A.I.R.: technically advanced, highly reliable guns for hunters

The company's product range extends from standard pieces offering excellent quality at good prices, to precious custom-made shotguns with exclusive finishing, mechanics and engravings: special pieces that provide an enduring testimony to the refined artistic and technical skills of F.A.I.R. craftsmen. Hunters who purchase a F.A.I.R. product not only want their shotgun to look great, they also demand a technically advanced and highly reliable product.

For example, the Pathos by F.A.I.R. is a balanced and elegant over/under shotgun that thanks to its features and light weight can be used both for walked-up hunts and stalking. It is produced in 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore and is available in two different versions, Standard and XLight. The Jubilee over/under range includes guns in all hunting gauges, from 12 to 28, and .410 bore. Jubilee Prestige versions with slender side plates are divided into 3 variants; Jubilee Prestige with classic chrome finish, Jubilee Prestige Tartaruga Gold with old-style color case hardened finish and gold-plated engravings, and Jubilee Prestige XLIGHT with a nickel-plated aluminum action. For hunters who love the lightness of smaller gauges, F.A.I.R introduced a 28 ga over-under shotgun specifically dedicated to woodcock hunting, the Leisure Xlight Beccaccia 28  On the other hand, the F.A.I.R. Xlight Snipe over-under in 12 or 20 gauge is a gun designed for walked-up hunting and instinctive shooting, with an Ergal 55 light alloy receiver and a Paradox first barrel. The SLX 600 DE LUXE model also features high quality mechanical details – such as convex hinge pins – and aesthetic details, such as the elegant triple-depth laser engravings with gold-inlaid animals on the deep black finished body. Stock is selected quality European walnut with fine laser-cut checkering and Schnabel forend. For those who prefer side-by-side shotguns, the F.A.I.R. Iside Prestige Tortoise Gold  is particularly suited for walked-up hunts with pointing dogs, also considering its low weight that does not exceed 91.7 oz / 2.6 kg. 

F.A.I.R. competition shotguns for shooting disciplines

Also sports shooters can find the perfect F.A.I.R. product to meet their requirements: the Master line is designed to satisfy the special needs of different shooting disciplines, being available in Trap, Skeet and Sporting versions with dedicated actions for 12 and 20 ga. enhanced by an ergonomic walnut stock with matt finishing, burnished single trigger and long-stroke ejectors, interchangeable convex hinge pins, ergonomic walnut forend for a better grip, recoil-absorbing rubber butt plate and fiber optic front sight. For top-range competitions and excellent performance, the Carrera series offers sand-blasted barrels made of high-resistance materials with anti-flare finishing, also in “ported” version to reduce muzzle flip. The X-Cones system dampen recoil. The Carrera Sporting, Carrera II and Carrera Monotrap models are available in this series. Other interesting competition shotgun lines include the SRL 802 (evolved from the Master series), the Racing, the Premier Sporting and Leisure models.

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