Fausti Stefano Arms

History of Fausti

Fausti has been manufacturing hunting and competition shotguns since 1948 with great care and passion, and century-old traditions with modern technological advances. Fausti's over-under and side-by-side guns are designed to meet the specific needs of very demanding hunters and shooters, at the same time they are collector pieces whose technical and aesthetic features represent a milestone in time. 

Fausti sisters

The Company, founded by Cavalier Stefano Fausti, is now run by his three daughters Elena, Giovanna and Barbara.

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Fausti: product range

Fausti produces side-by-sides, over-and-unders, Expresses and semiautomatics . It also offers a selection of accessories ranging from watches to knives, cases, maintenance kits and chokes. Moreover, Fausti has its own line of leasure wear (headwear, shirts, polos, shooting vests and technical clothing) and gadgets.

Fausti shotguns

Fausti manufactures hunting and competition side-by-side shotguns (Dea, Noblesse and Senator series), over-and-under shotguns (Silvery, Class, Magnificent, Italyco and Brixian series, to name a few). Semiautomatics are represented by the Progress series. All these series offers many different models.

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