Ammunition, reloading components and optics

GECO ranks among the best-known ammunition brands worldwide. The modern assortment of hunting and sport ammunition captivates with quality covering all modern requirements. After all, each individual cartridge contains over 100 years of “Made in Germany” experience and extensive development work. GECO cartridges.
GECO offers a wide range of cartridges and reloading components for hunters and shooters. The entire catalog is continuously expanded and consistently aligned to the needs of customers. It includes rifle cartridges, handgun ammunition, shot cartridges and air rifle pellets. When it comes to reloading components, the brand is primarily aimed at sports shooters with handguns - especially in the popular IPSC shooting range.
In addition, GECO also offers a selection of target and observation optics in the highest optical and mechanical quality. 

GECO rifle and handgun ammo

GECO products cover all substantial operational areas: precision shooting, dynamic shooting, hunting as well as self-defense.

The selection of GECO centerfire rifle cartridges offers optimal solutions for all worldwide hunting applications as well as for sports training and competition. The brand offers different bullets for different purposes: GECO Plus, GECO Express, GECO Softpoint, GECO Target FMJ, GECO Sport and GECO Zero in popular calibers such as .223 Rem, .30-06., .308 Win, and 7x64mm.
As for pistol ammo, GECO is offering 17 loads in nine different calibers. Among them, the GECO Hexagon is a high performance precision cartridge available in 9mm and .45 ACP for the most demanding sporting applications. It's a hollow point cartridge, but unlike ordinary hollow point cartridges, which are designed for deformation and expansion, the Hexagon is designed for optimal accuracy. The recently introduced Action Extreme 9mm cartridges, on the other hand, are designed for shooting, self-defense and hunting (were allowed by law with handguns, of course). GECO catalog also includes revolver cartridges in .32 S&W Long, .38 Special, .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.

Dynamic IPSC shooting with GECO ammunition

GECO's IPSC ammunition is adapted to specific requirements. In addition, it ensures the lowest possible recoil with safe gun cycling. When competing, valuable time advantages are thus secured. The brand is not only the official ammunition supplier of many past IPSC major events such as European and World Championships, but also supports the GECO-IPSC team shooters.
(You can find everything about dynamic IPSC shooting on our topic page IPSC / Dynamic shooting sport.)

GECO - The right ammunition for every shooter!

But also those who are looking for effective and at the same time inexpensive rimfire cartridges will easily find them at GECO. No matter if single shot or semi-automatic guns.
As for air gun pellets, GECO offers two interesting products: GECO Diabolo and GECO Superpoint. The GECO Diabolo is primarily designed for beginners and hobby shooters. Featuring a conical head shape, the accurate GECO Superpoint ensures high penetration power and depth. It is not only suitable for target shooting, but also for hunting and vermin control.

Shotgun shooters are also well advised to use GECO cartridges. The brand offers 4 types of shot shells cartridges in the following lines: GECO Coated Competition Slug, GECO Competition Buck Shot as well as GECO Dynamic Bird Shot. The selection is addressed primarily to active shotgunners and is suitable for dynamic IPSC disciplines.

GECO optics

Following a tradition dating back to the 1930s, GECO also offers binoculars and riflescopes featuring outstanding optical and mechanical quality at extremely fair prices.

GECO binoculars are divided up into the GECO and GECO Gold classes. While GECO binoculars are available in 8x or 10x magnification with 32 mm and 42 mm lens diameters, GECO Gold ones are additionally available in 8.5x, 10x and 12.5x magnifications with 50 mm lens diameter. All GECO binoculars are designed in matte black and the entire housing is made of magnesium.

There are 3 GECO riflescope classes: GECO, GECO Gold and GECO Black. GECO riflescopes are unique in both the optical and mechanical quality and performance that they offer in this price class. The excellent optical quality is reflected in the very wide fields of view and high transmission values. The fine, illuminated GECOdot with automatic shutoff and the GECOtrac integrated height elevation and target turret are unique features in this class. All products have a 5-year warranty. High zoom factors and outstanding optical performance are the characteristic features of the GECO Gold riflescopes. Thanks to excellent performance specs for transmission, field of view and exit pupil, they are flexible enough for practically any hunting situation. Among their features, the fine illuminated GECOdot and integrated GECOtrac turret, an extremely compact design and high quality materials. The 10-year warranty is an expression of the outstanding quality and reliability. GECO Black riflescope range mirrors the outstanding optical performance specs of the GECO Gold line, but was developed specifically for tactical and dynamic shooting. This includes high adjustment travel, the illuminated reticle in the first focal plane, the integrated target turret, as well as the included flip cover. A nice example of the range is the GECO Black 1-8×24i riflescope.

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