GLOCK pistols: test, overview and models

GLOCK pistol are among the most popular and famous guns in the world and are synonymous with exceptional reliability. In the United States, the Austrian manufacturer's firearms are the most popular type of handgun and have heavily influenced the gun market throughout the rest of the world. The success story of GLOCK pistols began in the early 1980s, when Austrian engineer and developer Gaston Glock launched the GLOCK 17, the first GLOCK pistol, onto the market in 1982. Only a year later, this model was adopted by the Austrian army under the name P80 to replace the WWII-vintage Walther P38. GLOCK semi-automatic guns were among the first with a polymer frame and steel inserts. Although GLOCK did not invent the polymer frame – it was Heckler & Koch, with the VP-70 – the development of GLOCK 17 marked a new era in the history of handguns.

Since then, the success of GLOCK has never stopped. In 2007, the company announced that it had sold more than 5 million GLOCK pistols worldwide. Today there is a large range of GLOCK models in 5 sizes, 8 calibers and 5 production generations, and the trend is on the rise. GLOCK pistols in their various versions are highly appreciated not only by the military and LEOs, but especially by sports shooters. Shooters particularly appreciate GLOCK pistols for their excellent ergonomics and impressive accuracy.

What models have GLOCK in its catalog? Which GLOCK gun is the best? Discover this and much more at the bottom of this page.

P9 A1, GLOCK service pistol

The legendary reliability of GLOCK service guns is and remains unmatched. Safe and easy to use, GLOCKs have been chosen as service guns by special forces, military and government agencies. Approximately two-thirds of US law enforcement agencies, various special forces around the world, as well as the Austrian and Norwegian armed forces, rely on the outstanding quality, reliability and handling of GLOCK pistols, but also on their versatility. A good example is the GLOCK P9 A1, whose striker fire action has considerable advantages in naval use: thanks to its functionality, this semi-automatic pistol can be used by special forces because it's also capable to fire underwater.

The reasons for the success of GLOCK guns are obvious. On the one hand, the simple technology, the ease of use that allows even inexperienced shooters to achieve excellent results, combined with an unmistakable design, to which the company has always stayed true. It is precisely this continuity to contribute significantly to its success. Today's GLOCK handguns still uniquely follow their inventor's ideas: an ergonomic pistol with the simplest possible polymer frame, a high magazine capacity and three automatic safety features. 

GLOCK MOS modular optical system – an overview of the new models

The modular optic system (MOS) was presented by GLOCK at the SHOT Show in 2015. It is a system for mounting mini-reflex sights directly on the pistol slide. Red dot optics can be easily mounted on the slide with an adapter plate. The following GLOCK gun models are currently available in MOS version: G17 Gen4 MOS, G19 Gen4 MOS, G34 Gen4 MOS, G35 Gen4 MOS, G40 Gen4 MOS and G41 Gen4 MOS.

The fifth generation GLOCK pistols: G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5

For a long time, it was a well-kept secret, but after about 7 years of development, in August 2017 GLOCK introduced the 5th generation of its polymer guns – Gen5, in short – with the GLOCK G17 and G19 models, followed by the 34MOS, 45 MOS, 45, 48 and 26 models.  

But what's new about Gen5 pistols?

The GLOCK Gen5 guns offer some of the features required by the market: a new grip without finger grooves, a flared magazine well, a slide stop lever on both sides of the frame, a beveled slide front that facilitates holstering. In addition, the fifth generation GLOCK pistol models are equipped with new sights that provide a much better target image, especially in bad light conditions. But that's not all: GLOCK Gen5 pistols feature the more accurate GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB). Finally, the new Gen5 models sport a proprietary surface finish called nDLC, much more scratch and corrosion resistant than previous GLOCK guns.

Which GLOCK gun is the best?

GLOCK offers different models of polymer guns in different calibers. Of course we can't tell you which GLOCK gun is the best for you – you'll have to find out for yourself.  GLOCK's catalog certainly includes such a wide range of models that it can satisfy every need, from concealed carry to sports shooting.

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