IPSC / Dynamic shooting sport

What is IPSC-Shooting?

The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) is responsible for a modern and dynamic shooting sport discipline – the IPSC shooting. This sporty motion shooting is gaining more and more shooters for its charms. It combines athleticism and maximum precision. But what does active IPSC shooting mean?

IPSC shooting is a unique type of sport shooting and can be quite addictive. The dynamic shooting sport combines the completion of a predetermined course with sophisticated precision shooting. And that is exactly what makes for real IPSC shooting the supreme discipline in shooting sports. IPSC offers its supporters a huge selection of disciplines with small and large caliber handguns, rifles, shotguns and action air – there is something for everyone. 

Which disciplines are IPSC shooting, which weapons are used and much more can be found at the end of the page.

IPSC shooting quick and dirty explanation 

But be careful: the dynamic shooting sport is like a highly contagious virus. Once infected, you often end up hooked for life! So it is hardly surprising that IPSC shooting is well known all over the world. More than 200.000 well organized sport-shooters from Andorra to Zimbabwe are practicing IPSC shooting today. Even more and more women turn into enthusiastic IPSC shooters. 

The rules of IPSC-shooting are quite simple: after a start signal sounds – an acoustical peep tone of a timer – the shooter has to complete the tasks of each course section (stage). It's all about getting the stages done as fast and flawlessly as you can. You have to cover the targets in the shortest possible time while scoring the highest number of points. For ranking purposes, clean hits are more important than speed.  

Modern shooting sport: What disciplines are part of the IPSC shooting?

Currently there are 5 different classes in the world of IPSC shooting with large-caliber pistols and revolvers (IPSC Handgun Divisions): Open Division Pistol, Standard Division Pistol, Classic Division Pistol, Production Division Pistol und Revolver Division. Another part of IPSC Handgun Division is Rimfire Open Division and Rimfire Standard Division with rimfire pistols and Airsoft-IPSC with the divisions: Production, Standard, Open and Single Stack. In the case of the last-mentioned weapon classes in the area of rimfire and airsoft, these are relatively young disciplines of dynamic shooting. Nevertheless, they are enjoying steadily growing inflow and make an important contribution to the success of newcomers in IPSC shooting. The background: With low ammunition costs, the rearmost arms and / or non-rebound weapons are ideal for the training and promotion of young riflemen.

The basic principles and rules of IPSC shooting with rifles and shotguns remain the same. Because of completely different handling characteristics of the firearms, interested persons are required to complete a specialized safety and rules test. The part of IPSC Rifle has the following divisions: Semi-Auto Open, Semi-Auto Standard, Manual Action Open and Manual Action Standard. 

As in handguns divisions there is the "Mini Rifle" -Divisions with rimfire caliber weapons in .22 Long Rifle: Semi-Auto rimfire rifle with optical sights (Mini Rifle Open) and semi-auto rimfire rifle with open sight (Mini Rifle Standard).

However, IPSC shooters can not only use guns with a drawn barrel and "point shot", but also shotguns with a smooth barrel and "scattered shot". The IPSC shotgun divisions are extremely versatile with regard to the use of ammunition: shooters can use birdshot and buckshot in different gauges as well as slugs. At the present time there are 4 shotgun divisions in the sporting movement shooting: Shotgun Open Division, Shotgun Modified Division, Shotgun Standard Division and Shotgun Manual Division.  

The respective regulations of the different weapon classes are always revised and adapted to the needs of the shooters. They define the binding regulations as well as the specific principles of the different divisions.

IPSC shooting: overview, disciplines, weapons and much more!

Find out more about the fascinating shooting sport IPSC. We give you a detailed overview, provide interesting background information and clarify how the IPSC shooting is taking place. In addition, you can find out about the IPSC disciplines, selected weapons and ammunition as well as current competitions with results. In national and international championships, we are of course always on the spot and report live.

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