Founded in 1898, Kahles is a manufacturer of high quality optics with 120 years of experience in the development and production of riflescopes primarily intended for hunting. Over the years, Kahles' production has diversified to include not only riflescopes but also high quality binoculars, rangefinders and red dot sights for hunting. In the Austrian company's catalog you can find riflescopes with an excellent price/quality ratio such as the K1050i, K624i, K318i, K312i, K16i, K4i, and above all the new K525i which are highly appreciated by both sports shooters and professional users.

But Kahles does not forget hunters, since the Kahles Helia riflescope series has been specifically developed for them. The Helia 1-5x24i model is ideal in particular for wild boar hunting, the Helia 2-10x50i model is perfect for walked-up hunts and the Helia 2.4-12x56i model is Kahles' flagship for tree stand or hide hunting. The Helia 3 series with 1-inch main tube consists of the Helia 3 4-12x44i and Helia 3 3-10x50i riflescopes, which are the first choice for those looking for optics featuring a slim and sober design. All illuminated Helia riflescopes have an automatic shut-off function as standard and some of them are available with optional rapid adjustment.

But Kahles is not just about hunting optics: it also manufactures excellent tactical riflescopes that can also be used for long range target shooting, such as the K624i 6-24x56mm, also available in RAL 8000 sand color.

Talking about sports shooting, it's impossible not to mention the K1050i FT 10-50x56mm model that Kahles designed expressly for Field Target shooters with PCP rifles.

Among the most recent products presented on the market we would like to mention the Helia RF 8x42 and Helia RF 10x42 binoculars with integrated rangefinder, the Helia 8x42 / 10x42 / 8x56 binoculars and the Helia RD red point sights, introduced in 2019.

Finally, we would like to remind you that every year, in Austria, Kahles organizes the Long Range Competition, an individual and team long-range shooting competition that has rapidly become a classic among competitors all over Europe.

To find out more please visit the Kahles website.