Krieghoff: guns for hunters and sport shooters

Overview and models

H. Krieghoff GmbH is a German firearms manufacturer from Ulm and has been marketing various guns since 1886. One of the few companies, H. Krieghoff GmbH is still family-owned. In Europe, the company is mainly known for its hunting guns, in the US and UK for its competition firearms.

Krieghoff hunting guns

Krieghoff is one of the leading manufacturers of hunting guns. The guns produced by the German company are particularly appreciated in terms of safety, reliability and accuracy, and are therefore optimally designed to meet any hunting requirement.

Safety in particular is highly considered in Krieghoff's products. The company continues to develop innovative lock designs and sophisticated trigger systems. With innovations such as the universal trigger system, the combi-cocking device, the firing pin block and the automatic set trigger release, Krieghoff sets new standards in the safety of hunting guns.

In addition, the company is known for manufacturing its guns individually for each hunter. Every hunter gets a gun that is customized according to his/her personal requirements and wishes

Krieghoff competition shotguns

Krieghoff offers the models K-80, K-20 and KX-6 in its competition shotguns range.

The oldest and probably best known of these is the K-80 model. The competition-designed shotgun came onto the market for the first time at the beginning of the 1950s (but only for US customers). This over-under shotgun is also known for its "unbreakable" receiver. The system locks without the need for both underbites and side-lugs and the leveraging effect when fired is reduced since the pivot point is further toward the front.

Also, the trigger of a K-80 is praised as perfect. It breaks at an ideal pull weight of 63.5 oz / 1.8 kg

Krieghoff Semprio repeater rifle

The Semprio is a rifle with a world's unique in-line repeater system. This allows the hunter to reload quickly and be ready to fire again immediately, without having to put the gun down or grasping it.

When reloading, the front assembly including the barrel and fore-end is pushed forward. This unlocks the gun and operates the cartridge feed system. When the rifle is pulled back, it is locked, closed and immediately cocked so that it can continue firing immediately. The gun always remains firmly in the grip of both hands.

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