Rottweil ammunition

Since the 15th, according to some documents in the German town of Rottweil am Neckar there was a gunpowder factory, which has gradually transformed over the years into one of the leading European brands.  In 1890 the Swabian industrialist Max Von Duttenhofer , the "King of gunpowder", took over the company and gave it an unprecedented impulse.  At the beginning of the 20th century, Rottweil introduced the legendary "Waidmannsheil" cartridge with a red cardboard case and then, in 1921, began to produce what is certainly the most recognizable shot shell, the "Waidmannsheil" featuring a black cardboard case with silver lettering, in 12/70 gauge. The fact that this cartridge is still produced today could suggest that Rottweil is a company that rests on its laurels, but the opposite is true.

The German company is constantly looking to the future and regularly updates its catalog, which includes cartridges for hunting and shooting, with lead and iron shot, or with copper shot such as the Premium Copper Unlimited dedicated to the most demanding hunters.

Among them, the Rottweil Game Edition line of hunting cartridges. Presented in 2017, the Game Edition line consists of cartridges optimized to deliver maximum energy to wild game according to its size. That's why there are specific 12 gauge cartridges for duck, pigeon, hare, crow, woodcock, pheasant, goose.

But that's not all: Rottweil added the 20 gauge to the Game Edition line , so that cartridges designed for duck, pigeon, pheasant and woodcock are now available in 20 gauge too.

Rottweil also produces a complete line of cartridges for skeet shooting developed in cooperation with champions. Rottweil's ammo achieves maximum efficiency and reliability with the 24 and 28 g Gold line, available in specific versions for Trap, Skeet and Sporting disciplines. In the Competition range, with a lower price, there are six shooting loads dedicated to the various disciplines, also with steel shot.

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