400 years of quality

The Sabatti family has been in the gun making business for almost 400 years . In the early 1700s Ludovico Sabatti (1674-1745) was busy producing flint pistols as well as excellent barrels. Just a few years later, between 1760 and 1815, Giuseppe Sabatti became known as a very good pistol maker working in Gardone Val Trompia. Another Giuseppe Sabatti was regarded as one of the best Damascus barrel maker in the first half of the 19th Century. 

Sabatti product range: shooting and hunting rifles

Both smooth and rifled bore barrels are manufactured at Sabatti SpA starting from very high quality steel specifically forged for firearm barrels. The company is market leader for the production of rifled barrels, which are appreciated for their performance by gun makers and shooters alike. Every component of a Sabatti firearm is manufactured in-house with the best technology. By doing that the Company has been able to develop a know-how very few manufacturers in the world can boast about. Stocks are the only exception, however they are still 100% made in Italy by selected suppliers.

Sabatti shotguns 

Sabatti manufactures competition, hunting and shooting shotguns , offering one of the widest and most comprehensive range of firearms in the world. Some of these firearms – the side-by-sides, for instance – are still built with the same gun making traditions and standards applied in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Only very specialized gun makers can perform all assembling and fitting operations required to make reliable and durable firearms and add beautiful hand finishing to the mix. The Sabatti Excelium over-under, for example, is available in 12, 20, 28 gauge and .410 bore with Magnum (76 mm) chambers. The Saba is an  entry level side-by-side shotgun offered in 12, 20 or 28 gauge with a wide range of barrel lengths and chokes.

Sabatti rifles

Sabatti also produces a wide range of hunting and target shooting rifles, both bolt action and semiautomatic. The Sabatti Tactical EVO is a bolt-action rifle designed for long rangeshooting and professional use, while the Saphire Carbon model is offered in both Tactical and Varmint versions. The production includes over-and-under and side-by-side Express models.

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