Unique Alpine - German manufacturer of high-precision hunting and sporting rifles

For decades Unique Alpine has been regarded as one of the leading specialists for military and police precision rifles. Since 2017, the manufacturer has expanded its range to include civilian rifles for hunting and sports. With these newly developed firearm systems Unique Alpine is offering precision rifles suited to whatever your passion may be.

Unique Alpine - perfection in your hands    

This is the claim the German manufacturer from Erding, in Bavaria, presents itself with to its civilian customers. Here, decades of tradition and history meet future-oriented visions in the manufacturing of hunting and sporting firearms. At the international level, Unique Alpine works closely together with FN Herstal and will be opening a state-of-the-art new production facility in Hungary in 2019. German quality and precision standards will be followed there as well.

Unique Alpine clearly expresses the brand's high standards:
"It is always our goal to develop, build and deliver the very best product. With our new state-of-the-art TPG, UPG and JPR rifle systems,we are now also offering on the civilian market rifles that are the result of our high standards. The comprehensive quality of our series for hunters and sports shooters makes almost any wish that a shooter could have come true – in a price category that is absolutely competitive. We build rifles for all kinds of shooters – no matter whether they are beginners or full-blooded pros.”

All model series by Unique Alpine have been painstakingly designed and provided with useful, innovative technologies. The current hunting and sports rifles by Unique Alpine represent a marriage between proverbial “surgical precision” and absolute dependability, both of which are indispensable prerequisites for success in hunting or sports.

Unique Alpine's flagship product is the TPG-3 model, a multi-caliber tactical precision rifle that complies with Nato standard AC/225 D.14 - a real masterpiece in terms of range, precision, modularity, ruggedness and workmanship.

In addition to firearms, Unique Alpine also supplies accessories for all models.

From interchangeable barrels to magazines, handle extensions, X-Connect rails to sound suppressors or muzzle brakes. In addition, there are various grip variants and further rails and adapters, depending on the application.

The current Unique Alpine range includes 15 rifles:

7 sports rifles

  • TPG-3
  • UPG-1 fixed stock
  • UPG-1 AR 15 folding stock
  • UPG-1 UA folding stock
  • JPR-1 Nordland
  • JPR-1 Highland 
  • JPR-1 Nordland Scout

6 hunting rifles

  • JPR-1 Europe 
  • JPR-1 Highland 
  • JPR-1 Kodiak 
  • JPR-1 Nordland 
  • JPR-1 Nordland Scout
  • JPR-1 Kodiak Scout 

Two models, the JPR-1 Nordland Scout and JPR-1 Kodiak Scout, are well-suited for hunting and sports and have therefore been assigned to the "Adventure" segment by the manufacturer. Prices start at just under 1.500 euro (MSRP) for the JPR-1 Europa entry-level hunting model, threatening to leave some of the competitors out in the cold.

Further information can be found on Unique Alpine website.