Waffen Ferkinghoff – specialist for weapons and accessories from the USA

During its 30 years of active involvement in this industry, Waffen Ferkinghoff has developed an outstanding reputation of reliability, competence, and customer orientation. Initially a retailer, the company of Achim Ferkinghoff has never stopped growing, continuously strengthening its market position as a general importer of many American brands in Germany and Europe. Thanks to its exclusive imports from the USA, Europe, and South America, Waffen Ferkinghoff has also become an important wholesaler for the specialized firearms trade. Today the company supplies both end customers as well as specialist shops.Very wide range of products: hunting, sporting and western guns at Waffen Ferkinghoff

Waffen Ferkinghoff currently offers more than 8,000 items from over 40 well-known brands around the world, including many large-caliber short and long guns from the USA.Waffen Ferkinghoff: Ammunition offer.

Waffen Ferkinghoff is a general importer for the following US brands, among others:

  • Desert Eagle pistols from Magnum Research
  • 1911 pistols and rifles of the US Kimber brand
  • Single-action revolvers from BFR
  • Pistols from Kahr Arms with a very good price-performance ratio

Western fans will even find a large assortment of western firearms at Waffen Ferkinghoff

Waffen Ferkinghoff also has an interesting offer in the accessories segment

Tuning triggers from Timney and Velocity Triggers, efficiently working firearm cleaning systems from US producer ProShot Products, and reloading equipment from Lyman. Our motto: Everything for the ambitious marksman.

Waffen Ferkinghoff relies on time-tested US brands in the optics segment as well

Practically every price class is represented here – from inexpensive yet good to premium items. While general importer Waffen Ferkinghoff supplies the high-quality market throughout Europe with scopes and sights such as the ACOG, RMR, and MRO from Trijicon, products from SunOptics are on offer for buyers interested in less expensive yet reliable optics. And the optics portfolio is rounded off with traditional sights from Marble Arms, Williams, LPA, and HIVIZ.

The service weapons segment is also well represented in Ferkinghoff’s portfolio

The company offers a particularly large selection, especially for Swedish rifles and accessories.

Waffen Ferkinghoff’s offers for transporting and storing firearms

You can find a wide assortment of sheaths, cases, and bags from Bulldog Cases plus practical gun racks from Versatile. There is also a huge selection from Triple K and other manufacturers – with magazines, holsters, and leather goods.

Waffen Ferkinghoff online shop: For end customers and dealers, for Germany and Europe

Waffen Ferkinghoff’s online offer, with high-quality weapons and accessories for hunting, sports, security services, and authorities, is characterized by long-standing and intensive collaboration with renowned weapons manufacturers and well-known producers in Germany, Italy, and the USA.
Waffen Ferkinghoff’s online shop can be accessed in German and English. Deliveries can be made to almost anywhere in Europe. You can learn more online or over the phone by calling the service hotline.

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