Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide is a Lithuanian group that owns Pulsar, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of sports and hunting optics, including binoculars, spotting scopes, riflescopes, rangefinders and especially night vision systems. It is an international holding company with factories in Lithuania, Belarus, Scotland, the United States and China.

The Pulsar brand was founded in 2012, targeting the advanced and professional consumer market, with the intent to provide quality night vision devices, such as the Pulsar Sentinel GS 2x50 to which over time was added the high-end Gen II+ light-intensification systems with HD3/XD4 tubes and then specializing in the manufacturing of thermographic and digital vision devices, with a wide range of thermal imaging cameras for observation, shooting and hunting scopes, and surveillance. Initially, the products included simple thermal observation monoculars such as the Pulsar Quantum HS19 and the far more advanced Quantum HD38S , while for digital aiming scopes for hunting rifles, Pulsar presented the Digisight series, including the Digisight N960/N970 models and the Digisight Ultra series .

Pulsar Digisight digital night vision technology achieved very interesting performance , in some cases comparable to Gen2 NVD devices with a resolution similar to systems equipped with low-end Gen 3 tubes, at an absolutely competitive price. This trend continues today, with the latest Pulsar N450 and N455 digital optics.

The Quantum series of monocular thermal imaging cameras was complemented by the Apex range of thermal rifle scopes, including the Pulsar Apex XD38 . The Apex and Quantum product ranges (of which the XQ and Lite series were the last produced) gave way to the next generation of Pulsar Helion thermal scopes and Pulsar Trail hunting scopes . A novelty has been the introduction of a thermal binoculars model, the Pulsar Accolade , a very interesting product also offered with built-in laser rangefinder: the Accolade LRF .

Pulsar introduced a number of innovative technologies into its products, such as the ability to record video and photos, first with an external recording device and then fully integrated into the optics, and above all, with the introduction of integrated wifi communication, which allows all compatible devices to communicate with Apple and Android smartphones and tablets via a free app, called StrreamVision , to view the video stream and remotely control the devices, update the firmware and manage the recorded video files. Recently, a dedicated ballistic calculation function has also been added. All these optronic optics use microbolometer sensors manufactured by ULIS, with 30 and 50 hz frame rates. The French manufacturer is still the leading supplier of Pulsar's thermal sensors, becoming a reliable and high quality partner. 

The state of the art in Pulsar thermal technology is now represented by the ultra-compact Pulsar Axion monocular series and the revolutionary Pulsar Thermion hunting scope .

For more information please visit Pulsar Optics website .