Hornady AR Gunlocker: the smart storage for the black rifle

Hornady not only produces ammunition and reloading equipment, but in the last years has also offered numerous solutions for the safe storage of guns at home or in vehicles. Among these, the Rapid series of safes for handguns or long guns featuring combination or biometric locks is worth mentioning.

The RFiD technology automatically unlocks the AR Gunlocker
The RFID technology automatically unlocks the AR Gunlocker by simply wearing the supplied wristband.

With the AR Gunlocker safe you get even further in terms of technology and security. The exterior housing is made of thick steel with pre-drilled holes for mounting, for example under the bed or inside a vehicle.

The internal polyurethane foam inserts can be arranged to accommodate two AR style semi-automatic rifles. The door closes thanks to four internal locking lugs and to open it there are three possibilities: the first is the classic four or six-digit code, which can be set and reset at will. The Gunlocker can be installed in both vertical and horizontal positions.

RFID technology  to automatically unlocks the AR Gunlocker

Thanks to the RFID technology it is possible to unlock the safe by simply wearing the supplied wristband, or with the key fob (also supplied) and lastly by approaching any object (for example, a smartphone) on which you have placed one of the Rfid stickers you find in the package. AC and a back-up battery power ensure reliable and continuous 24/7 function.

The AR Gunlocker's retail price is around 350 USD / 280 euro (excl. tax).


AR Gunlocker

Rigid safe for rifles

Steel, polyurethane foam inside

External dimensions: 

42 "x 15.25" x 6.75" (106x39x17 cm)

55 lbs / 25 Kg

350 USD / 280 euro approx.

For more information please visit Hornady website

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