Charme III announces the acquisition of 60 % of Fiocchi Munizioni S.p.A.

Last October we had already anticipated some important incoming changes for the Italian ammunition company Giulio Fiocchi Munizioni, which were followed by interim declarations from the company itself. Now the official announcement has appeared on Fiocchi Munizioni website. We reproduce the most salient parts for the benefit of our readers.

New Holding FCC S.p.A. (Fiocchi-Charme)

Stefano Fiocchi
Stefano Fiocchi, President of Fiocchi Munizioni.

The acquisition of the majority of Fiocchi by Charme III takes place alongside corporate and managerial continuity. The new holding company has been called FCC S.p.A. (Fiocchi with Charme), and is 60% owned by Charme III, a industry-oriented, pan-European private equity fund with  committed capital of €650 million and offices in Milan, London and Madrid.

The remaining 40% is held by Giulio Fiocchi S.p.A., with a reinvestment driven by the requirement of the Fiocchi family to maintain a significant stake in the new group. Under a managerial standpoint, Stefano Fiocchi has been confirmed as Chairman and CEO of Fiocchi.

Fiocchi Ammunition
With over 600 employees and revenues of over € 180 million in 2017, Fiocchi confirmed its excellent state of health.

Matteo di Montezemolo, CEO of the Charme Funds, commented: "Fiocchi represents a great investment opportunity for Charme III in a global leader, operating with an excellent brand, a unique proprietary know-how and high quality products characterized by a strong content of innovation. These are the distinctive leading features that have always characterized the investment strategy of the Charme Funds and that ground the strategic and operating support we will provide to Fiocchi to achieve its ambitious international growth plan that we have shared".

Luigi Sala, Chairman of the Charme Funds and of FCC S.p.A. commented: "Our investment in Fiocchi represents an industrial transaction, typical of the Charme Funds, aimed at sustaining the growth of a family owned company. Our goal is to support Fiocchi in its global expansion plan, in partnership with the family, promoting a new phase of strategic development in which we will provide the company with the resources necessary for growth and will make available our consolidated international network".

We are waiting to know the development of this deal that involves one of the historic companies of the Italian firearms sector as well as an excellence that has contributed to the diffusion of "Made in Italy" products in the world. We will keep you informed.

Stefano Fiocchi, Chairman and CEO of Fiocchi, commented: "Thanks to the partnership with Charme III, Fiocchi expects to continue on its global development path, through a significant growth phase starting from 2018 that is based on a new industrial and investment plan also covering the historic manufacturing site of Lecco. The goal of the transaction is to further strengthen Fiocchi under a strategic, industrial and financial standpoint, in order to enhance growth and exploit the market developments envisaged in the US and internationally, with the aim to list the Company in the medium term."

Michele Preda, Chairman of Giulio Fiocchi S.p.A., commented: "Together with the Fiocchi family, we are very satisfied about the partnership with Charme III, which represents a leading investment funds at a pan-European level that has already demonstrated, in its previous investments in leading Italian family owned companies, to be able to combine the achievement of clear industrial objectives with the preservation of the history and values of each company."


For more information please visit Fiocchi website.

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