NORMA Hybrid Target match ammunition in 6.5 Creedmoor

The flyer says „New for 2017“. The audience were so interested, that all flyers are gone very quick. People are so interested because Norma USA announces  the new Norma Hybrid Target match ammunition in 6.5 Creedmoor. The ballistic coefficient will be at 0.583 and the bullet weights 130 grains or 8.42 grams for the guys in Europe. Barrel length in inch is 24 and the velocity feet per second is 2851. After many test, Norma says that the wind drift in inches for a 10 miles per hour cross wind is at 300 yards 6.11 and at 600 yards 26.70

And so, the claim “Norma, no boundaries” will come true or like the guys from Norma describe it: For more than a century, hunters pushing past the ordinary have relied on Norma Ammunition. It has taken the biggest animals far, far away. The most accomplished sportsmen all over the world have tested Norma cartridges on the range and in grueling conditions afield. No matter where you hunt, there´s a Norma load for your rifle and the game at hand. No matter what, Norma´s got your back!

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