Ruger M77 rifle: celebrating 50 years

Introduced back in 1968 as a “modernized Mauser 98” (sort of), the Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifle has been a permanent fixture in Ruger’s catalogs since then. To celebrate the rifle’s 50th anniversary, the US manufacturer presents a limited custom version predictably named "M77 50 Years" and chambered in .243 Win. The bolt handle and floorplate engravings with golden inlays are what stands out most at first sight. But on a second viewing there’s more, such as the beautiful high-grade American walnut stock with rounded contours along the barrel, on the bottom of the stock and on top of the pistol grip and wrap-around checkering on grip and forend; or the cold hammer-forged barrel, resulting in ultra-precise rifling for better accuracy, longevity and easy cleaning. 

The hinged solid-steel floorplate with the “M77 Ruger 50 Years 1968-2018” engraving.

Ruger M77 50 Years, limited edition

The 22-in /56 cm long barrel also sports a nice satin blue finish. Other features – shared with the rest of the Ruger M77 family – are the hinged solid-steel floorplate for easy unloading without having to chamber each cartridge, the patented latch that is flush with the trigger guard to avoid accidental dumping of cartridges and the non-rotating, the Mauser-type one-piece stainless steel bolt, the controlled round feed extractor with fixed blade-type ejector that positively ejects the empty cases as the bolt is moved fully rearward. Safety is the classic three-position type.

The "50 Years" limited edition celebrates the 50th anniversary since the M77 rifle introduction.

The integral scope mounts are machined directly on the solid-steel receiver, for a stable mounting surface.

Being a limited edition, just 1000 "M77 50 Years" Hawkeye rifles will be made. Hence, the suggested price of 1799 USD (price outside the USA may vary). The rifle ships with a red drawstring bag for included scope rings.