Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen semiautomatic shotgun

After long years of oblivion, 16 gauge returns under the spotlight. Thanks to new propellants and a better understanding on external ballistics nowadays 16 gauge is capable of interesting performances with the added plus of moderate recoil. Introduction of semiautomatic shotgun Browning A5 Sweet Sixteen is then no surprise. It features the same inertia cycling system of elder brother Auto5 in 12 gauge.

The new shotguns features a VectorPro barrell with inner diameter of 16.96 mm; the forcing cone is 33 mm long and allows for superior shot velocity and a better penetration power. On the other side, it reduces in a significant way the felt recoil. 

The excellent performance of Invector DS chokes  with a lenght of 75.2 millimeters, is due to an exclusive internal profile and a patented. 

All these features, paired with the renowned reliability of Browning firearms will surely make a best seller of this lightweigt shotgun that is particulary fit for youngsters and ladies. Weight is 5 lbs. 13 Oz with 26” barrel. Price will be about 1600 USD.

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