Test on the shooting range: Caesar Guerini Invictus V

The Invictus series by Caesar Guerini was designed for sports shooting and therefore, during the design phase, the ballistic performance was taken into account. This, together with the other structural characteristics of the shotgun, should favor its effectiveness in the field.

Having reached its goal with the modles I and III, Caesar Guerini did not want to neglect even the look, that was taken care of in the elegant number V version. The furniture of this model is 2.5 grade and oil finished, while the long side plates are hand engraved.

Video: Caesar Guerini Invictus V Sporting for Trap in caliber 12/70 - Live firing test by all4shooters.com

Caesar Guerini Invictus V, indestructible shotgun for Trap and Skeet

Action of the Caesar Guerini Invictus V shotgun
The Invictus V Sporting uses the proven Invictus System mechanics.

Only the form changes, not the content. In fact, the Caesar Guerini Invictus V, just like it's predecessors, can be refurbished in just a few simple steps in case of wear.

In particular, the hinge pins on the monoblock, called Invictus cams, and the receiver block – the Invictus block – can be replaced once the continued use of the shotgun leads to the wearing down of the parts that are most affected by the opening and closing movement of the receiver. Minimal and easy actions, but that can restore the shotgun to virtually new conditions even after exaggerate use.

The barrels of Invictus V by Caesar Guerini

The 76 cm barrels with ventilated rib and 70 mm chamber are not affected by particular alterations either. The chrome-lined and over-bored Maxisbore is coupled with the DuoCon forcing cones to make the recoil milder and minimize pellets deformation, while increasing ballistic performances such as speed and pattern dispersion. Available barrel lengths: 71, 76, 81 cm. 

The field test: Live firing test of Caesar Guerini Invictus V Sporting

The shotgun is fully equipped with accessories like the long-profile Maxischoke chokes that optimize ballistic qualities. In addition, DTS Barrel Balancers can be fitted to the barrels to adjust the gun balance. DTS Stock weights can be placed inside the stock.

The forend features a patented device, the DTS Action Control System, which increases the comfort of the shooter during the opening and closing movement: with an Allen wrench it is possible to adjust the tension between the action and the forend iron, guaranteeing a steady operating force.We were guests of the new Borgo di Montebello Vicentino shooting range with our Invicuts V, which we proudly sported raising no small envy among those present.

On the shooting range the shotgun feels a bit heavy (3.800 g), especially if you add the optional weights, but overall it is very well-balanced and with a mild recoil that allows shot repetitions if necessary without feeling backward or unbalanced.

The pattern plate tests were more than excellent, the trigger always crisp and light and the clays, when human error doesn't step in, were firmly broken.

For more information on the Invictus V, visit the Caesar Guerini website.

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